intelligent bench for the 21 st century

For hundreds of years the traditional benches had just one purpose – to be a sitting place. While technology and public spaces evolved together, benches remained the same. Steora started to reinvent the park bench back in 2015, when Steora Standard – the world's first mass produced smart bench for public spaces, was introduced. Since then, Steora has developed several models and additional options. Today, smart bench can do a lot of incredible things – from charging phones, earbuds, smart watches or e-bikes, providing Wi-Fi, to heating the space around its seat during the winter days. At the same time, smart benches are providing to cities and municipalities a platform which gathers a variety of information, from environmental data to data about usage of specific location. On top of that, Steora bench offers an integrated system for smart advertising and a real- time surveillance.

I established the company Power Mode s.r.o. in 2016 to make modern and intelligent technologies more accessible. I believe that every inhabitant of towns can benefit by using them in their everyday lives.

Igor Salopek

Founder of the company


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