platform driven post-purchase spaces D-box is a smart parcel locker and the answer to the modern challenge of safe delivery. Mounted at your house, apartment building, retirement home, or company building, it provides safe delivery for everyone – the internet store, couriers, and customers. D-boxes come in various dimensions, modular and stackable to create a virtual parcel locker of any capacity. They can be either wall-mounted or built- in to a Stand (DockSpace) and temperature controlled (fresh food products, cosmetics, and other cold-chain items). Suitable to use in- and outdoor (IP54). All D-boxes come with standard DoV communication (any mobile phone can be used to open) as well as e-Paper display, Bluetooth, NFC and IoT ZigBee.

I established the company Power Mode s.r.o. in 2016 to make modern and intelligent technologies more accessible. I believe that every inhabitant of towns can benefit by using them in their everyday lives.

Igor Salopek

Founder of the company


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