unique protection of parking places via Bluetooth connectivity

Starting with their first product, which was the smart parking barrier, the team of Parklio decided to
solve one of the most challenging topics in urban areas. Thanks to the Parklio parking barrier, your
parking place is really protected. However, if needed, you can still share it or rent it to somebody else
via Parklio app. Step by step the family or Parklio products operated via Bluetooth connectivity
expanded and nowadays the applications of wireless parking solution can be found anywhere from
family houses, office or residential buildings, hotels, shopping centers, parking houses up to the
streets of cities worldwide.


the only efficient device to protect your parking lot

operate your Parklio devices via your smartphone

share your parking lot

the bridge between Parklio products and the end-user enabling remote control
of all Parklio products

universal electronic module that will turn any existing products into a smart one

automatic number plate recognition

enables integration and communication with 3 rd party devices

enables centralized control and management of
parking lot with just one click

I established the company Power Mode s.r.o. in 2016 to make modern and intelligent technologies more accessible. I believe that every inhabitant of towns can benefit by using them in their everyday lives.

Igor Salopek

Founder of the company


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